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Because life and love are eternal

What is a mediumship reading session?

Born a spirit medium, I work without photos or physical objects. I have the ability to establish direct, interactive, and authentic communication with those who have passed away. I perceive them, see them, hear them, feel their energy, temperament, and character, their attitudes, and the details of their lives they wish to communicate so that you can recognize them.

A deceased contact session provides live proof that your loved ones, who have crossed over, continue to exist as spirits. It gives your departed loved ones the opportunity to share their messages with you and to say what they didn’t have the time or dared not say during their earthly life. Know that our beloved are delighted to communicate with us from the spiritual planes.

People in the spirit world know the kind of proof I seek, and they understand that my main goal is to capture their essence accurately so there can be no doubt about their presence.

It is an immense honor for me to lend my voice to your departed loved ones and allow you to feel their presence through my words.

Experience the moving communication with your departed loved ones and feel deep within your being that love and life are eternal.

I answer your questions about mediumship readings

Life after death is a fascinating subject that leads to many misconceptions and false beliefs. Here, I answer the most common questions. If you too have questions, you can ask them in the form at the bottom of the page. I will do my best to answer you as soon as possible.

Deceased individuals are like they were in life; they love to give updates to their loved ones. It's a great joy for the deceased to have the opportunity to convey their love to you and to let you know that they continue to watch over you.

Yes, individuals who have taken their own lives can indeed communicate through a medium because they too go to the spirit world. They gain a different perception and understanding when they are "on the other side," and often, they regret their action.

Generally, I recommend waiting at least three months after the death before attempting to establish contact through a medium. This period allows the deceased to adjust to their new condition and to learn how to communicate on a vibrational level. That said, some deceased are capable of making contact immediately after their departure.

I book my session in English

Mediumship reading in Athens, Greece or online via zoom.


Mediumship reading (1heure), in English: 80€

Mediumship reading – in person

Laurianne Félicité

Stefanou Vizantiou 21,

3dr floor

11144 Athens, Greece



Or online via zoom

Because love and life are eternal, a natural-born medium, I put my abilities of perception and communication with the spiritual world at the service of your dearly departed.

About Me

My name is Laurianne Félicité, a born medium, I offer you a bridge to the beyond through my mediumship sessions. My innate ability to converse with the spirits of the deceased manifested itself from my earliest childhood, giving me a calling: to bring consolation and peace to troubled souls.

My spiritual journey has been marked by enriching encounters with eminent spiritual guides and formative experiences in renowned institutions such as the Arthur Findlay College or the college of psychic studies. These adventures have honed my perceptive gifts and reinforced my belief in the healing power of spiritual communication.

I am dedicated to creating bonds of love and light between you and those who have crossed to the other side, allowing you to receive messages filled with tenderness and truth. These exchanges are sacred moments where memories and emotions cross dimensions, affirming that love knows no end or limit.

With empathy and gentleness, I accompany you on this journey of spiritual reunion, creating a space of trust so you can fully experience this moment of communion. Each session is a step towards heart relief, a confirmation that the ties binding us to our loved ones endure beyond earthly life.

I invite you to experience mediumship, a poignant moment where the presence of those you hold dear will be felt through their words of peace, support, and eternal love. Together, we will explore this bridge between worlds, giving you the chance to reconnect with those who continue to watch over you from the beyond.

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