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Into the Heart: Awaken Your True Self with Tantra Yoga

Experience the transformative power of Tantra Yoga, dive deep into self-discovery, inner growth, and profound connection.

Into the Heart

Awaken Your True Self with Tantra Yoga

Montly Integral Esoteric Tantra Yoga & creative workshop in Aegina

Come on a transformational journey into the mystical realm of tantra yoga in Aegina, where you will be guided through postures, breath work, relaxation, meditations, and practices that unite your body, heart, and spirit. These workshops offer a sacred space for you to explore the depths of tantra Yoga, awakening your inner energy and cultivating profound connections.

Led by an experienced and passionate instructor, each workshop is carefully crafted to provide a holistic approach to tantra Yoga. You will learn powerful tools to expand your awareness and unlock the inherent wisdom within, including soft and dynamic asanas, pranayama, meditation, mantra, yantras, breathwork, partner yoga, yoga nidra, tantra connection, esoteric practices and much more.

Tantra as a path of liberation and a path to altruistic love, these workshops promote inner healing and the health of your body, mind, and spirit. We will engage in compassionate sharing, self-inquiry, and concentration practices, empowering you to deepen your self-awareness and presence. Through the exploration of OSHO Dynamic meditation, you will tap into a dynamic and meditative state that nurtures transformation.

Mindful touch and tantra self-development practices will allow you to cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and others, fostering intimacy and conscious awareness. Different styles of connecting breathwork will be incorporated, enhancing your energetic flow and expanding your capacity for bliss and ecstasy.

Our journey will also include practices that reinforce the energy body structure, balancing polarities meditation, senses meditation, and Atisha’s heart meditation. By engaging in these sacred practices, you will harmonize the divine masculine and divine feminine energies within yourself and awaken your authentic power.

Throughout the workshops, the power of mantras and yantras will be harnessed, creating resonance and alignment within your being. These ancient tools of sound and sacred geometry will further support your spiritual growth and transformation.

Join us for these transformative tantra yoga workshops in Aegina, and embark on a profound exploration of inner healing, self-discovery, and spiritual growth. Rediscover the harmony and balance within yourself, and experience the joy and fulfilment that arise from embracing tantra as a path of liberation and love.

Note: Please check our schedule and reserve your spot in advance as spaces are limited. I look forward to welcoming you to this transformative and empowering experience in Aegina, where you will learn powerful tools to expand your awareness and unlock the inherent wisdom within through the practice of tantra yoga in Aegina.

NB: unlike neo tantra, the tantra yoga retreats and courses I offer in Greece are based on the tradition of non-dual Shiva tantra of classical Kashmir and in no way emphasise sexuality. No sexual practices are proposed in these courses.


Monthly tantra yoga workshops in Aegina, Greece.

An invitation rises up… An invitation to be reborn to oneself and to rediscover the world with the wondering eyes of a child, free of all conditioning. To vibrate with love and exploration, without fear or judgement, in the pure joy of simply existing. Driven by the energy of life that flows through every part of our being, we realise that we are unlimited.

Allowing the illusion of separation to dissolve. Realising that our bodies, ourselves, are not isolated from the rest, but rather an energy, sometimes condensed, sometimes expanded. Learning to merge with sensations, without judgement, without will, without choice. Simply being in harmony with what is present at the moment, listening to our senses and perceptions, a doorway to the infinite, to the heart of our own heart, within which lies that unchanging space of calm and serenity that nothing can disturb.

An invitation to dissolve into the experience of the body of light, this body of vibration that is nothing less than a pure ocean of infinite consciousness-energy.

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Monthly tantra yoga workshops in Aegina, Greece

2023 / 2024



10AM to 1PM


Into the heart: Awaken Your True Self with Tantra Yoga & Creativity

Enter a sacred dance where your subtle bodies and the energy of Kundalini intertwine.

By working with Yin and Yang yoga postures (asanas), conscious breathing (pranayama), Osho’s dynamic meditation and powerful practices from the Tantric tradition, your energetic body and mind are strengthened and purified, allowing your consciousness to rise easily into a meditative state.

Let yourself be guided into the subtle dimensions of your being and discover the magic of a unique experience.

Immerse yourself in a sacred space where every movement, every breath, every sound leads you towards a profound connection with yourself and the very essence of existence. Within this intimate circle, free your body of tension, strengthen your energetic body, soothe your mind and nourish your soul.

This inner journey will reveal your true essence and allow you to savour the fullness of each moment.

The opportunity to experience the sensitivity and power of Kashmiri Tantric Yoga is yours today, but places are limited. Don’t miss this rare and precious opportunity for transformation.

Requests are numerous and places are limited. Don’t wait until it’s too late to join this exploration.

Pre-register now via the link below.

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The studio and I provide a few mats and cushions. However, for your own comfort, feel free to bring your own equipment (mats, bricks, cushions, blankets).

About me

My name is Laurianne Félicité, I’m 44 and I’m the happy mother of a charming 17-year-old teenager. Since January 2022, I’ve been living on the island of Aegina, in Greece. And I have to admit, today my life has a taste of paradise. But it wasn’t always so.


Indeed, my beginnings in this incarnation were not easy. Violence and abuse were part of my daily life, and I had to take refuge in spirituality from an early age. From an early age, I asked myself metaphysical questions that no adult around me could answer. My thirst for understanding led me to explore the psychic, energetic and spiritual aspects of the human being. From the age of 10, I devoured every book I could find in these fields.


I soon realized that we are much more than our physical bodies and thoughts. From then on, understanding and exploring the subtle aspects of the world and of the human being became my greatest passion.


My life hasn’t always been in line with who I am today. Because of my childhood, I was anxious, stressed, impatient and aggressive, plagued by long hours of cogitation and internal resentment.


My biggest break came at the age of 20 when I stumbled upon a yoga class. The experience of deep inner peace was a real shock to me! Tired of my defensive existence and the anger that was eating me internaly, I immediately plunged into a daily practice of yoga, meditation and relaxation.


These mind-body and spiritual practices have truly changed my life. From an anxious, angry young woman, I gradually became calm and serene! I soon felt an urgent call to share the benefits I was experiencing. The immense peace and serenity of mind that came over me after each session made me imagine that if everyone practiced yoga, war could no longer exist. That’s why, after a brief foray into business, I turned my career toward wellness, personal development and spirituality.


Thanks to a wonderful opportunity, I was teaching yoga by the age of 22. Sharing these ancestral practices that helped me grow so much each day was the greatest contribution I could make to the world!


Along the way, I’ve had the good fortune to cross paths with various teachers in the tantric tradition, which has had a profound influence on my vision of spirituality. Today, my practice and transmission of yoga is fully inspired by the philosophy of non-dual tantra Shivaite of Kashmir, a path of freedom and openness of heart that resonates strongly with me in its invitation to accept what is and experience reality directly.


As a yoga teacher, my aim is to share this wisdom and transformative practice with as many people as possible. I believe in the sacred union of body, heart and mind, and I’m passionate about exploring the depths of being through yoga practices.


In my classes, the aesthetic of the posture has no importance. What counts is the inner experience, the liberation of body, heart and mind, allowing the energy of life to flow freely so that the true being can finally reveal itself. The invitation is to enjoy the fullness of each moment and rediscover ourself, free of all conditioning, in the purest, simplest joy of existence.

La guidance spirituelle par le tarot avec Laurianne Félicité